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Margarita Mix Adds Fourth Fairlight EVO System

Margarita Mix of Santa Monica, a FotoKem company specialising in audio post services for commercials and advertising media, has installed a fourth Fairlight EVO integrated audio production system for their award-winning team of sound designers, mixers and composers. With the upgrade, the facility’s accomplished sound mixers Paul Hurtubise, Jimmy Hite, Nathan Dubin and Jeff Levy are now working on identical audio post platforms in their HD mixing suites.

“The facility was already working extensively on Fairlight, and after careful evaluation and testing, I made the transition,” says Hurtubise, who joined Margarita Mix in late 2012 with over 20 years of experience in commercial audio post. Having used a number of platforms over the course of his career, Hurtubise notes, “I simply think Fairlight sounds better. It’s less fatiguing on the ears, and I seem to hear things more clearly and definitively."

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Fairlight Delivers the Gift of Great Sound at Sky Vision Sound Studios

London-based Sky Vision Sound Studios, part of the international distribution arm of Sky, has recently completed a major upgrade of its Fairlight equipment to bring it in line with Sky's UK broadcasting facilities in Osterley. The three-studio complex, two mix rooms and a prep room, has upgraded its Fairlight Constellation console with a Fairlight EVO, six of which are already in use at Sky. It has also upgraded its XYNERGI system by installing the latest software version – a move that is already improving workflow.

Sky Vision's Audio Supervisor and Senior Dubbing Mixer Robert Thompson says: "Although we have handled work for external clients such as Sky, the BBC, Universal and Channel 5, the majority of our work comes from Sky Vision. As work often moves between Sky's sound studios and ours, it made sense for us to have identical equipment. The dubbing mixers at Sky were obviously very happy with their Fairlight EVO's and this, combined with our own good experiences of Fairlight, meant we had no qualms about upgrading our own desk."

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Leading Taiwanese Film Production facility 3H Sound Studios installs seven Fairlight systems

Fairlight, a global manufacturer of audio post, live and video production systems, has completed a major installation at 3H Sound Studios, a leading film production house in Taipei, Taiwan.
3H Sound Studios’ extensive facility includes Foley and ADR rooms, and seven post production studios, six of which are equipped with Fairlight XYNERGI desktop systems with fader sidecars.
HD video is available in all of the studios, one of which also runs dual-stream video for 3D work. Three studios are 7.1 capable for editing and mixing, while the rest of the rooms offer 5.1.
Fairlight’s integrated immersive 3D surround sound technology plays a major role in the mixing capabilities of 3H’s main room, which is equipped with a 36 fader EVO post production console, fitted with Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D.

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Studio Tonmeister Mainz buys another Fairlight XYNERGI

Studio Tonmeister is already familiar with the workflow benefit of Fairlight technology, having used the company’s products for more than 20 years. In 2009, Studio Tonmeister installed its first XYNERGI into Control Room 2 and continues to use it on a daily basis to lip sync projects for a variety of film and broadcast clients. Its second XYNERGI, which replaces a ProTools HDX system, is now being used for sync recording and to edit radio and audiobook projects.

Alfred Huff, Studio Tonmeister’s CEO/ Managing Director, says, “Fairlight is perfect for ADR projects and offers us immense benefits in comparison to other systems. We have a relatively large equipment list, which includes all popular HD and SD video recorders, so the integration and connection of our existing systems with different VTRs plays a major role. With Fairlight, we never had problems concerning this. The system is fast, directly connected and therefore the first choice for us.”

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Fairlight EVO.Live On-Air at The CatholicTV Network

The CatholicTV Network, which broadcasts local national and international religious programming including live coverage of Pope Francis from production facilities in the Greater Boston area, is on-air with the first Fairlight EVO.Live digital audio mixing console. Based on Fairlight’s Crystal Core technology, EVO.Live is a powerful console with integrated HD video and multitrack audio recording designed for broadcast studio and live production applications that can be reconfigured to operate as a post production system at the push of a button.

Fairlight’s first production mixing console, EVO.Live can be used in a dual-operator configuration with each engineer having independent fader sets. The system delivered to The CatholicTV Network is a true split configuration with a main control surface located in the audio production suite and a second, smaller surface positioned in the video control room. Both surfaces access the same I/O and EVO.Live FPGA core processor but operate independently of each other. Either surface can control the audio going to air while the other is being used for a rehearsal or getting set for the next production.

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750mph studio upgrades with Fairlight post production systems

Sound design studio 750mph has chosen Fairlight audio post production systems for its entire facility upgrade.

After an in-depth technical and commercial evaluation process, the Soho-based high-end studio has commissioned Fairlight to supply nine new EVO post systems (pictured) for their production rooms and two PYXIS dual-channel HD video recorders for their transfer rooms.

“We have used Fairlight workstations at 750mph for many years and we have been very happy with their reliability and versatility,” said Ben Mason, Technical Director at 750mph.

“We obviously wanted to make sure we purchased the best possible equipment and most dynamic mixing and editing platform available.

“Our new Fairlight systems mean we are future proof in that we have the output performance, flexibility and forward compatibility with all emerging technologies.

“Over the last year, we have exhaustively reviewed the technical solutions available to us and we came to the conclusion that Fairlight is absolutely the system for 750.

“Fairlight help to provide us with a clear roadmap for the future, and will be a major part in our pursuit of perfect sound for our A list clients.”

Fairlight Helps Deliver Winning Coverage at the 2014 FIFA World Cup

German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF are all set to deliver great coverage of major sport events such as the Olympic Games, the European Soccer Championships and the FIFA World Cup thanks to the deployment of their state-of-the-art Mobile Production Unit (MPE).

Equipped with the very latest technology, ARD and ZDF's MPE uses a combination of Fairlight, Avid and EVS systems to create a networked environment that is capable of delivering exceptionally fast workflows without time-consuming format conversions.

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