PYXIS for EDIUS controllers

Leveraging the design philosophy behind EDIUS 8, which empowers users with real-time video editing workflows in all mainstream formats and resolutions, the release of the new Fairlight PYXIS Controllers enables editors to produce more content, faster and more efficiently.

The PYXIS for EDIUS controllers come in two models, PYXIS.Edit and PYXIS.Mix. PYXIS.Edit provides interactive, tactile editing with user definable Picture Keys. The keys can be customised by users to layout their preferred editing functions and deliverd 2mm of travel to ensure precise, predictable and fast operation.

The PYXIS.Edit controllers can be extended with up to 10 faders by adding a PYXIS.MIX fader sidecar. The PYXIS.Mix controller provides 5 identical mixer strips, which can be mapped across the channels of your audio production. Each strip can control tracks or master fader, in mono and stereo.

The EDIUS iCAN AppMap integrates the Fairlight PYXIS controllers to the EDIUS V8 editing platform. Fairlight’s iCAN software allows users to personalise the key layout with their preferred editing functions, delivering:

  • Support for 17 languages.
  • A drag-and-drop layout editor for customising and developing your EDIUS interface.
  • A full layering model, which supports function rich, user interfaces.