Fairlight XSTREAM

Powerful, Tactile, Compact Audio Post Production

Enhance post production workflows with XYNERGI and XSTREAM, known throughout the industry as being the fastest and most ergonomic editing controllers. These universal media controllers deliver all the powerful media processing tools needed for high-end audio and video production.

XSTREAM is perfectly suited for Audio Engineers working in high throughput post production for advertising, TV production and music project recording. XSTREAM is a cost-effective option, with all the functionality of the XYNERGI but with a more compact footprint.XSTREAM Compact Audio Post Production

XTSREAM fits beautifully into the production chain, supplying quality audio recording, editing, premixing, or even the final mix. At the same time it can edit and play video tracks, and interface easily to media servers as well as mix and match files from different companies and standards on the same time line.

Tactile Control

This advanced tactile editor and mixing controller uses Fairlight’s patented Picture Key technology to deliver an ultra-ergonomic and efficient working environment. 43 Picture Keys change label and function instantly, repurposing the control surface to the task at hand. XSTREAM delivers unlimited functional scope, fewer keystrokes and less hand movement, all while keeping the operator fully aware of the currently available commands.

Fairlight’s iCan software with drag-and-drop Layout Editor allows function ‘layouts’ to be customised and re-edited so the operator can decide which functions appear where and when. The advanced control of editing functions is augmented with six touch sensitive rotary encoders for tactile mixer parameter control and a hi-res jog wheel for zooming and transport control.

The XE-6 fader sidecar allows the XTSREAM’s mixing control to be extended with up to 24 faders. Each XE-6 adds six channels, each with a touch sensitive pan pot, motorised fader, writing strip with metering, and Solo, Mute and Call buttons.