Post System Features

Feature Rich Post Production Systems

3D Sound

Fairlight future proofs your investment with built in support for 3-dimensional sound to accommodate the growing need among content creators to deliver 3D sound in formats such as Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS MDA.

Monitoring and Metering

The monitoring system allows you to listen to all internal buses and up to 16 user-defined external sources with no additional hardware requirement. Accommodating up to 9 speaker sets, the selected source is fed to your speakers with appropriate up/ down mix as well as more advanced features such as mono compatibility checking and format override.

For very complex installations, a fully integrated B-Chain processor can manage up to 64 speakers with the optional 3DAW license.

Levels across the system are easily monitored, with peak reading digital meters on all channels and buses, as well as loudness metering on the main bus.

On-Board Video

All of our Audio Post Systems contain built-in video capture and playback with support for all common formats up to 4K. Video output is available from either the PC’s graphics or 3rd party video output devices. Visual cue points instantly locate your position to anywhere in the project.

Full AV capability is delivered with simultaneous editing and dissolves across selected video and audio tracks.

A full ADR package is tightly integrated with flexible import of source take-lists and customisable beeps and wipes on take. Last minute video edits are handled via EDL conform based on all common industry formats.

Workflow Support

Fairlight designs tailored solutions to link audio post production smoothly into your workflow chain with compatibility for a large number of file formats.

System Integration

A choice of I/O options allows the Fairlight post systems to completely integrate into your facility’s infrastructure. This includes up to 500 audio ports, sync, 9-pin control and programmable GPI/O.