Fairlight QUANTUM

Fully Featured, Mid-Size Audio Post Console

QUANTUM provides a very fast, tactile mixing environment for demanding applications. It is suitable for large audio and video projects using HD picture and requiring up to 1000 tracks of audio.

Available in 12 and 24 fader configurations, the QUANTUM comes in either a stand-alone chassis version or a modular form, allowing it to be fitted into the customer’s own furniture.

Compact, Intuitive, Ergonomic Workspace

Fairlight’s unique patented Picture Key Technology allows for QUANTUM’s centre section to be very compact, yet incredibly powerful and flexible. A total of 43 Picture Keys can change label and function instantly, repurposing sections of the control surface to the task at hand.

Accurate sound placement and fast timeline control and graphical display is facilitated by the hi-res jogger wheel.

The advanced control of editing functions is augmented with a graphical display surrounded by a further 28 buttons and six rotary encoders, providing access to track selects and editing functions like EQ. Dedicated monitor controls are also located here for both control room and studio monitoring.

A large, touch-enabled TFT screen mounted above the centre section panel displays the editing timeline. It can be re-tasked to other functions such as a full-screen view of the output from the on-board video track.

The channel section comes with 12 fader strips, each including a motorised fader, various switches and two touch-sensitive rotary controls. The control functions are indicated on a high-res colour display which also shows metering and relevant graphs, e.g. EQ curve, giving you instant visibility of your mix.

Surround Sound

Surround sound capability is built in as standard, with the mixer and monitor systems both being compatible with all standard formats up to 7.1. Panning is made easy with the built in joystick, allowing you to accurately position sound in a 2-dimensional space.