Fairlight EVO

High-End, Modular Audio Post Console

Fairlight’s EVO is a high-end, modular audio post console delivering the ultimate in configurability and customisation.

EVO is Tactile

It’s hands-on for mixing and for editing, providing a comprehensive set of physical controls for easy access and precise adjustment of your mix. At the same time EVO is highly visual – it lights up with feedback from the self-labelling Picture Keys, the high-resolution colour displays on every fader and the embedded screen bridge with rich graphics and channel feedback.

The centre-section utilises 79 of Fairlight’s patented Picture Keys to provide rapid and accurate tactile access to all core control and editing functions. The keys change label and function instantly, repurposing the control surface in context with the task at hand. Supporting the Picture Keys, a further 16 function keys and 8 touch-sensitive rotary controls provide access to even more editing commands as well as control of EQ and other processing.

EVO’s centre section compresses a wide array of functionality into a small area, reducing your need to move far from the best listening position. It represents an elegant solution to the problems of increasing system capability and complexity, combined with reduced physical working space and operator learning curve. Precise and rapid control of the built-in monitoring system is ensured through dedicated control-room and studio level controls, and associated Mute, Dim and Talk switches.

Customised for you

The EVO panels are fitted into a standalone chassis. Available in multiple sizes up to 4.5m wide in straight, and L or U shapes, your console can truly be customised to your requirements. Alternatively, the panels can be provided in modular form, allowing them to be fitted into custom furniture. Each console section is specified as a number of bays, from 2 to 5. A bay has the same width as a 12-fader panel. View all options for the EVO consoles.