Post Production

Outstandingly Efficient Post Production Solutions

Tactile Control

Fairlight specialises in ergonomic control surfaces ranging from compact desktop Audio Post Systems to large format mixing consoles. We offer dedicated controls such as transport buttons, monitoring controls, high quality faders and a jogger wheel. In addition, our patented Picture Key technology delivers a powerful combination of command buttons for editing and setup tasks. The result: Incredible speed on all fundamental editing and mixing tasks.

Editing Capabilities

Editing has always been one of Fairlight’s core capabilities, combining clear visual displays with ultra fast tactile control. The addition of ClipBender, an enhanced time compression and expansion feature allows audio within a single clip to be aligned to picture. Hardware-based processing power, combined with dedicated menus and keys, makes editing on a Fairlight system an efficient and user friendly experience.

Desktop Audio Post Controllers

Enhance your post production workflow with XYNERGI and XSTREAM, known throughout the industry as being the fastest and most ergonomic editing controllers in the world. These universal media controllers deliver all the powerful media processing tools needed for high-end audio and video production.

Fully Featured Audio Post Consoles

The Fairlight QUANTUM and EVO Post consoles are extremely tactile for hands-on for mixing and for editing providing a comprehensive set of physical controls for easy access and precise adjustment of mixes.

They are also highly visual: lighting up with feedback from the self-labelling Picture Keys: the high-resolution colour displays on every fader strip show track name, metering and EQ curve, providing instant visibility of mixes.

Large touch screens are used on all Fairlight consoles to provide an overview of the entire system, and at the same time to allow instantaneous changes without the need for a mouse and keyboard.

View a comparison of the Fairlight Post Range.

Mixing and Processing

Complementing the features in the post range, Fairlight’s powerful audio engines are capable of delivering up to 1000 tracks, enabling the creation of complex productions without the need for premixing. In addition, ultra-wide 64-channel monitoring and revolutionary multi-delivery mix buses make it easy to simultaneously create multi-language and multi-format content.