Live Production Features

The Fairlight Live consoles are built around Fairlight’s Crystal Core processing engine, which gives the system potential for massive playback, recording and mixing capability, plus high resolution video.

Expanded Live Production Tools

The consoles are a complete production centre combining a wide range of “in the box” tools for live events and providing the industry’s most powerful platform for customisation, including:

  • Cart machine for sound-effect play-out supporting mono, stereo and 5.1 sound effects with a completely customisable user interface
  • External device control interface to MIDI-based devices such as effects
  • Control extensions to lighting systems via optional DMX 512 controller card
  • Offline mix preparation tool.

You can also fully integrate the console into a studio automation, as Fairlight’s Live consoles now incorporate support for Ember+, delivering standardised remote control of individual mixer parameters between different manufacturers.

5.1 Sound and Beyond

The console features a unique grouping and panning system that supports channels and buses to be configured in mono, stereo and 5.1.  Up and down mixing between different formats is done automatically, with image control via panning, spread, divergence, rotation and LFE control.

The console can be optionally licensed for 3D Audio, bringing in full support for formats beyond 5.1 and 2 dimensions. With this license, you get the flexibility of custom busing to tailor speaker set ups for complex events, as well as future proofing towards emerging 3D broadcast technologies.

Extended Functionality – Recording and Playback

The Fairlight Live consoles can optionally be licensed with playback and recording capability. Up to 128 audio signals can be recorded while a live performance is in progress, as well as a single track of video in up to full HD format.

The console can also play back up to 128 synchronised, pre-recorded audio channels during a live performance, which can be simultaneously mixed with the live channels from the event.

Templates, Scenes and Cues

Templates are used to store console configuration settings for use later on. The system supports templates from the entire console down to processing elements such as EQ. The console also saves any number of mix “Scenes” that can be recalled either in their entirety or as partial recalls. They allow for instantaneous changes between shows or acts without affecting the main anchor and music.

The Cue List feature allows you to build a sequential list that defines key events in a performance. Each cue can be tagged for recalling a scene, making light work of rehearsed performances.

Signal Check

Incorporated in the console is a unique feature called Signal Check,which allows you to quickly check the audio at many different points in the signal chain.


Fairlight has an extensive online help system called Xplain, which is built into the Fairlight Live console range. Because it’s integrated into the system, it’s easily accessible to assist you in learning how to operate the console.