Fairlight Live Line-Up Redundancy

Nothing is more critical in Live Production than reliability. The Fairlight Live family are robust, failure resilient systems providing sophisticated tools for smooth live production workflows.

To meet the level of bulletproof resilience our clients demand, Fairlight’s live system offers the following:

  • Dual power supplies - every Live Audio Processor, console and modular remote I/O is fitted with dual automatic switchover power supplies, ensuring that all components stay online in the event of mains or power supply failure.
  • Dual processing units – optionally, a system may be supplied with parallel Live Audio Processing units. All system intelligence, audio processing and I/O are duplicated, with the second unit shadowing operation of the first. In the event of signal loss from the primary system, the second automatically takes over.
  • Software operation - all real-time system functions are accomplished from hardware controls – even complex command sequences that can be scripted and triggered from an IntelliPad. In the unlikely event of hardware failure, every function can also be controlled from the main Mixer display, using mouse or touch control screens.
  • A second Crystal Core audio processor and hot swappable modular remote I/O can be added to guarantee highest system reliability.

The Live Audio Processor features a number of defences against failure, including:
1. Dual-redundant PSU with separate mains input,
2. Dual-redundant boot and data discs, and
3. Multi-redundant MADI connections.

In addition, all Fairlight Live systems can be specified with a second, fully redundant, Live Audio Processor configured as an instant hot spare, with automatic takeover of the audio and control functions.

The control surface is fitted with multiple redundancy including:
1. Multiple redundant PSUs, with 2 separate mains inputs,
2. Host-to-surface cable redundancy is supported via dual network cabling, and
3. Should a hardware control panel fail all mixer display functions can be controlled using a mouse or the built-in touch screens.

The MSX units (modular remote IO) are fitted with:
1. Dual-redundant PSU with separate mains input,
2. Dual-redundant MADI connections, with automatic switchover.