QUANTUM.Live Console

QUANTUM.Live TT is the smallest console and the entry level into Fairlight’s Live line-up.

It has been designed to work well in dim lighting – displays are clearly visible but not dominant. Active parameters have high priority for visibility with minimal “noise” from static or inactive components.

Fast access is provided through the comprehensive tactile console surface while clarity, flexibility and overview are achieved through use of a large format touch screen.

Fairlight QUANTUM.Live TableTop

The Intellipad includes 24 customisable command picture keys with 8 banks. So 24 functions are available at any time with a further 168 functions only a single button press away. The layout of the Intellipad can be altered easily, allowing the operator or installer to customise the desk for the given application and users.

The console comes in a compact and flexible fixed configuration Table-Top chassis measuring just 70 cm for 12 faders with a full centre section. This master module with 12 faders accommodates 144 signal paths over 12 layers and is self-contained and fitted with dual redundant mains input.

An optional 12 fader extension module measuring just 55cm wide provides the facility to create larger fader configurations. These can be co-located or physically far apart, allowing for efficient dual location usage.

The console, also comes with a separate processor rack with local I/O and sync, and
modular remote I/O.