Live Audio Processor

At the core of all Fairlight’s Live consoles is an incredibly powerful audio processing engine designed with FPGA technology, that delivers high channel and bus counts, low latency and exceptional audio quality. The power of modern FPGAs opens up a wide range of opportunities, such as close connectivity to the Internet of Things, and efficient support for audio-over-IP.

In brief, the processing core of the Fairlight Live Family supports up to 250 inputs and 112 mix bus
elements grouped in mono, stereo and 5.1 formats, and 16 mono mix-minus buses.

The Audio Processor delivers:

  • Fairlight’s renowned Crystal Core engine,
  • A dual redundant power supply,Fairlight Live Audio Processor, 2U
  • Screen interfaces, system management and data storage, and
  • Local control room I/O and MADI connections for the modular remote I/O.

The Audio Processor comes in either a compact 2U or an expandable 4U form factor.

The built-in local I/O includes 12 analog line outputs and 6 stereo digital outputs, as well as 4 analog line inputs and 2 stereo digital inputs. The front of the unit also offers sync connections with video sync input and word clock input and output.

Extended audio connectivity is provided through four pairs of MADI I/O ports: 3 pairs via optical connectors on the front and one pair via COAX connectors on the rear panel.

In addition, all Fairlight Live systems can be specified with a second, fully redundant, Live Audio Processor configured as an instant hot spare, with automatic takeover of the audio and control functions.