EVO.Live Consoles

EVO.Live 3.3 BayThe EVO.Live mixing console excels in modularity and customisation, enabling you to build exactly the right mixing environment for your production.

Ergonomically designed control modules with excellent visual feedback and immediate access to critical functions allow you to work with complete confidence during the production. Fully redundant power supplies and Ethernet-based panels ensure a high level of reliability.

Dual Operator

EVO.Live can be used in a dual operator configuration with each engineer having independent access to separate fader sets, channels and monitor controls.

Console Frames

The console comes in three versions, any of which can be used together:

  • The stand-alone EVO.Live chassis is available in a variety of sizes and is capable of holding up to 60 faders.
  • A small format Table-Top chassis is also available. Fairlight EVO.Live TT
    • Measuring just 55cm wide for 12 faders or 71 cm for 12 faders with a full centre section, it provides a very compact and flexible alternative to the stand-alone chassis. Like the QUANTUM.Live TT, it is self-contained and is fitted with dual redundant mains input.
  • For the ultimate in customisation, the EVO.Live modules are also available in a form factor that can be mounted directly into custom furniture. This option gives studio designers with an opportunity to create unique live production environments.