Screen Displays

Excellent visual feedback and immediate access to critical functions allow you to work with complete confidence during the production.

Large touch screens provide an overview of the entire system and allow instantaneous changes via touch control. Comprehensive mix minus, communications, metering and flexible busing are also provided.

Mixer Overview Screen (optional on QUANTUM.Live)

EVO.Live’s Mixer Screen provides an overview of the entire system at all times. It displays all parameters for every channel and bus in the system. This super compact display gives you a complete overview of your setup, including Solo, Mute, fader position, level metering, bus assignment, Aux sends, inserts and graphs of EQ and Dynamics curves.

All controls on this screen are “live”, so the whole system can be run from the screen when it is desirable not to disturb the hardware control status.


Bus Metering displays high-resolution meters and associated faders for all buses. Peak displays can be set to adjustable hold times. The Main Bus also includes built-in R128 metering up to 5.1.

On multi-monitor systems, the primary monitor displays bus output metering and the secondary monitor displays channel input signal levels for up to all 250 channels.

In-Line Display

The In-Line Display provides graphical feedback for the hardware channel strip directly below. Each channel clearly shows its status, with naming, metering and alternate fader layer. Parameters are presented both graphically and numerically – easy recognition backed up with precision. The upper section includes an indicator panel showing status for processing blocks, grouping, plus Talk channel assignment and Mix-Minus bus selection.