MSX I/O Frames

Offering the ultimate in scalability, the MSX I/O frames are available in three different form factors:

  • The 3RU, 19” rack mounted MSX3000, providing 21 slots for I/O modules. Coupled with a 1400 x 1400 point router, optional dual redundant hot-swap PSU and versatile sync system, this unit offers the ultimate in high capacity audio I/O.​


  • The 1RU, 19” rack mounted MSX1000 providing 6 slots for I/O modules, a built in 448 x 448 point router, and optional dual redundant hot-swap PSU and versatile sync system. The perfect solution for medium capacity audio I/O.


  • Lastly, the Dante-powered MSX500 compact desktop unit with 4 physical slots, of which 3 are wired. This configuration is ideal when Audio over IP is a requirement, but you only need limited I/O, or you need a flexible solution that supports AoIP on-the-go.


Combined with the wide range of MSX modules that are available, you can tailor your I/O systems exactly to your application.

View a comparison of Fairlight's MSX I/O frames here.