3DAW - Immersive 3D Audio

Add 3D audio production to your existing 2D digital audio workstation

Open Platform Configuration

Designed for the film and TV post production markets, 3DAW accommodates the growing need among content creators to deliver 3D sound in formats such as Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos, and DTS MDA, without having to replace existing 2D tools and workflows. It adds immersive sound capability to existing digital audio workstations, whilst remaining fully compatible with established workflows operating with media applications that support VST® or RTAS® plug-ins.
Pure Fairlight Configuration

Alternatively, 3DAW can be configured as an all Fairlight solution, complete with a large format mixer coupled to a 1000 track recorder/dubber and 2K/4K video playback.

Post Production Tools for a New Dimension

To effectively build 3D soundscapes, you need an intuitive way to control sound objects so 3DAW comes with:

  • A 3D Panner to position sound in space;
  • 3D B-chain processing supporting up to 64 discrete speaker outputs catering for different room sizes and speaker counts.
  • 3D visualisation (Spaceview) providing a clear view of each object’s spatial location and level contribution at all times.
  • Mastering of final program delivery in a diverse range of output formats (including native MDA, Auro-3D and Atmos™ via RMU); and
  • AirPan*, which allows you to simply reach out in space, and place your sounds where you want them. By just moving your fingers in the air, you pan, rotate, tilt and spread your sound in space.

See Fairlight’s AirPan and all the 3DAW production tools in action here.

Philosophy behind Fairlight’s 3DAW

Different deliverables require different technologies, so Fairlight’s immersive platform provides the best of both worlds, supporting:

  • Object orientated implementations such as Dolby Atmos and DTS MDA; and
  • Fixed bus formats in 2D and 3D, from stereo through to 5.1, to Auro-3D and all the way up to NHK’s impressive 22.2 format, as well as user defined busing.

Connect to your studio workspace with the built in user definable B-chain processing. This allows you to switch instantly between different surround formats and different speaker sets with speaker muting and and soloing and comprehensive metering.

3D Audio Processor

Designed to suit a variety of different studio upgrade scenarios, the Fairlight’s 3D Audio Processor is an all-in-one 4U rack mounted turnkey solution based on Fairlight’s powerful CC-2 technology.