EVO – today’s big mixer at tomorrow’s smart price.

EVO is a complete media production system, harnessing all the power of the Fairlight’s hardware and software, recording, editing, mixing, MIDI, video.

EVO is tactile – it’s hands-on for mixing and for editing, providing a comprehensive set of physical controls for easy access and precise adjustment of your mix.

At the same time EVO is highly visual – it lights up with feedback from Xynergi’s self-labelling keys, a high-resolution colour OLED on every fader, and the embedded screen bridge.

Flexibility is paramount when specifying a console, and EVO spans the range from neatly efficient to highly impressive. Choose how many faders you need, from 12 to 72, and which of the optional sub-panels will most suit your working style.

“EVO…cements Fairlight’s position as a high end but affordable film, broadcast post and once again, music system”

Michael Gissing: EVO review for Audio Technology, July 2010

Key Features:

  • Integrated Xynergi centre section with self labelling key switches.
  • Knob-per-function access to channel parameters.
  • Fader panels with full colour OLEDs showing channel information and metering.
  • Screen bridge delivers rich graphics and channel feedback.
  • 230 into 72 mixer with full automation and monitoring facilities.
  • On-board dual-HD video recorder.
  • On-board audio recorder/editor up to 192 tracks.
  • Customised surface panel layout to suit individual requirements


EVO consoles are offered in two chassis styles and a number of size options, to suit the installation and working style of the studio.

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EVO connects to all the other systems in its environment. Getting material in and out of your studio is easy.

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System Components

Learn about EVO's powerful range of user interface panels.

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Supported File Formats

File exchange with other systems is increasingly important in today's busy post world.

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