SUZOHAPP to License Fairlight’s Picture Key Technology

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5 Apr 2016

Fairlight’s patented Picture Key Technology will initially be used in SUZOHAPP’s new broadcast product developments.

SUZOHAPP believes that Fairlight’s Picture Key technology delivers the quality, reliability and flexibility of a product that is important to their customers. With Picture Key technology, control surface designs can be customised with different button shapes optimised for the given application. During operation, a number of different functions can be displayed on the buttons, with further depth offered by the layered technology, all saving valuable real estate.

After a year of collaboration, the partnership between Fairlight and SUZOHAPP has resulted in the development of a 2RU Control Panel targeted at Broadcasters who are looking for video router control, vision switches and camera control.

“We are ecstatic with the partnership with Fairlight,” Ron Partridge, President. said. “Fairlight is a recognized name in the broadcasting industry and to work alongside them supports our vision of providing our customers across all markets with innovative solutions and advanced technologies.”

The SUZOHAPP Control Panel, on display at Fairlight’s NAB 2016 booth N6019, features a total of 48 buttons across three rows. Each button has a 61×59 pixel screen area with millions of colours, an excellent viewing angle and 2mm of very smooth travel. Each button’s screen is exactly the same brightness and colour cast as all the others, and it stays this way for the life of the product. Being based on a normal TFT display, the panel can be driven by a range of different video sources, such as HDMI or DVI.

Philip Belcher, Fairlight’s CEO, says: “Being a developer and manufacturer ourselves, we have been thoroughly impressed by the responsiveness and effectiveness of the SUZOHAPP engineering team in creating innovative solutions to meet client requirements.”