Picture Key Technology

License Fairlight's Intellectual Property

Leveraging the capabilities of Fairlight's in-house R&D team and a vast pool of intellectual property,  OEMs can now license our Integrated Control Surfaces. 

Revolutionary Human-Machine Interface

Fairlight's patented human-machine interface technology takes user interfaces to a new dimension allowing OEMs to design infinitely variable user interface systems that promote ergonomic simplicity, faster operation through motor memory, and safety and precision.

The display switches: change function depending on system modes; highlight error states; offer menus and instructions in multiple languages; all on buttons or controllers that can be virtually any shape or size.Fairlight's Patented Picture Keys

Cross Platform Network Control

The Picture Key technology can be combined with Fairlight’s iCAN platform. iCAN facilitates easy creation of advanced tactile user interfaces and can target products and applications running on PC, Mac or Linux.

One Display for both the UI and Button Labelling

You can have the best of both worlds with picture keys and a colour display in one control system. Sections of the internal display, used to label the keys, can also be made visible to show additional UI information, video, instructions or other information.

Fairlight's Picture Key Technology delivers tactile feedback with a a customisable user interface suitable for a wide range of applications including: Automotive, gaming, custom keyboards and consoles, control panels, kiosks etc. 

Never before has there been such a smart way to convey switch functionality!