Fairlight Innovation

Fairlight has been designing, engineering and manufacturing cutting edge, professional digital audio technology for 40 years.

With integrated control surfaces and intuitive user interfaces, Fairlight’s award-winning media creation tools are renowned for their speed, flexibility and exceptional sonic quality.

Our products offer full compatibility with virtually all open audio, video and sync standards, making them ideally suited to a wide range of audio post, and live broadcast applications.


Customisable Tactile Surfaces

To produce fast and accurately you need a system that works your way with a control surface that can be configured to suit your applications, space requirements and which delivers faster and higher throughput.

Fairlight’s Picture Keys instantly change label and function depending on the task at hand, always displaying the right commands, icons and functions at the right time. You can easily personalise the work surface, to accelerate your workflows. The result is fewer keystrokes, more control and greater productivity.

Fairlight’s Picture Keys are programmed through our iCAN software its open platform connects to a range of third party applications such as Pro Tools® and Nuendo®.


Unique hardware accelerated audio processing

After introducing the world’s first audio post FPGA engine in 2006, Fairlight’s 2nd generation engine features a processor chip more than 5 times as powerful, with 4 times the PCIe bandwidth, a new dual channel memory architecture, on-board expansion slot and almost twice the MADI connectivity.

Fairlight’s Crystal Core (CC-2) is the most powerful post production audio engine ever created, with 1,000 playback tracks, 128 output buses and 100 live inputs. Teamed with V5 software, CC-2 is the professional solution for the demanding delivery requirements of today’s broadcast industry.


Seamless integration with IT-based workflows

One of the main challenges to speed is the sheer number of file types confronting us on a daily basis so Fairlight provides full compatibility with virtually all open media and EDL and sync formats.

Fairlight Gateways add powerful audio post production tools to complement the unrivalled editing workflow of leading cloud based video editing platforms.


Immersive and Object Oriented 3D Audio Production

Designed for the film and TV post production markets, Fairlight’s unique 3DAW platform accommodates the growing need among content creators to deliver 3D sound in formats such as Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos, DTS MDA and IMAX, without having to replace existing 2D tools and workflows. It adds immersive sound capability to existing digital audio workstations, whilst remaining fully compatible with established workflows operating with media applications that support VST® or RTAS® plug-ins.

For total control you can rotate, tilt, pan and spread sound objects using Fairlight’s AirPan tool.